Home, 120x250cm, 2005

In November 2005, I rented Being Film Studio for almost a month and created some new works including “Home” and “Poisonous Spider”. I built up a demolished home and a poisonous web made out of barbed wires. These two works include imagery that intrigued me and stuck in my childhood memories. “Home” comes from my earlier memories as a child, of whether our old family house could be hiding some treasures. I threw in a lot of garbage, including daily waste, electrical trash, chemicals, and etc. Until now, I do not completely understand if the demolished houses strewn around China’s city streets once excavated will indeed reveal hidden treasures. Probably bigger profits can be created from this wide spread demolition. Spiders made out of barbed wires hint at the simultaneous feeling of danger and attraction. The barbed-wire web has stuck on its web a variety of worms and insects for food. In today’s commercial world, everyone is like a spider feeing off of a variety of daily merchandise, and refuse I collected over several months.

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