Another battle series no.8

Another Battle Series No.8, 120x200cm, 2001

Another Battle” Series (2001) is influenced by the snapshots of patriotism and heroism extolled in the old movies talking about safeguarding the motherland that I watched in childhood. The heroes gave their lives for the liberation of New China in movies like “Landmine War”, “Guerrilla War”, “Three Liberation Wars”, etc. I used to dream about becoming a soldier, too. Up until now, this dream has not been realized. Nowadays economic reconstruction is like a war that progresses so rapidly and intensely. In this war, we have to face contradictions from both Chinese ancient civilization and modern western civilization. I call these contradictions “Another Battle”. In this battle of “defending our country”, without fire and gunshots, I portray myself as a defeated commander. It looks there is no winner at all in this battle.

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