New Women

New Women, 120x220cm, 2000

"Court Ladies with Flowers", a classical piece in Tang dynasty, described the decadent life in the imperial court. However, such desperate and dissolute lifestyle was not exciting, since it was separated from the then social realities. Such ecstasy was only playful fun scenarios designed by the noble rich people. That is the reason I revisit this painting. With the rampant consumerism going on that promulgate pop culture, we see a lot of fake nouveau-riche who dress themselves with jewelries and fashion brands. They look fabulous, confident and happy. But inside their heart, they must feel very timid that their hard-earned business and treasures shall end in bankruptcy. It is very obvious why I entitle this work as "New Women". When women were liberated, they are confronted with harsh requirements. They need to have a fantastic outlook, sustainable heart, engaging in all tough positions and confronting with varieties of difficulties. In fact, these exterior appearances are fake and fabricated. Loads of sufferings hide behind. Are they really the contemporary modern women?

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