Thinker, 180x90cm, 1998

In food, it is well known that McDonald's and Pizza Hut are just fast-food stores in Europe and America, nothing more than convenience. However, when they came into China, they became the top cuisine and hot rendezvous for people to have parties, invite friends, celebrate birthdays and meet lovers. On the surface, this phenomenon of going after what is western style represents an ideal for Euro-American materialistic life. But in such an era of globalization, does this ideal also represent worship that can create a lot of ridiculous contradictions?  With this thinking, I created many photographic works including “Thinker” (1998), “Prisoner” (1998), “Catcher” (1998), “Requesting Buddha series” (1999), “Can I Cooperate with You?” (2000), “Look Up! Look Up!” (2000), “Bath House” (2000), “Forum” (2001), and “Beggar” (2001).

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