Follow Him

Follow Him, 130×300cm, 2010

Around the time I shot “The History of Monuments” in 2009 (120x4200cm, c-print), I started to prepare for shooting “Follow Him”. During the whole year until 2010, I collected and bought a lot of used books, magazines, dictionaries and etc of literature, poetry, law, college preparatory materials and put them onto stacks of shelves. Then let all these books got rotten and dirty. Like a real scholar who reads so many books, “I” still fail to write any decent paper even if loads of blank papers were trashed all over the ground.

I am talking about the education problem in China. Knowledge is taught but not learnt by many people who fail to understand the real meanings. They don’t know the meaning of studies. They study for their parents, for their grandparents, but never for themselves, for the love of knowledge itself. Therefore we see so many students trash their books after examinations.

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