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 “Luggage” is a selection of suitcases from our times I’ve collected starting with luggage of the 1920s. People move around and carry their belongings in suitcases. So the style and design of the luggage also represent the times when people are situated. I’ve collected luggage from the early war-time traditional Chinese bundles, 1920s Shanghai colonial-time suitcases, and the current style of backpacks, trolley-wheel suitcases nowadays and memorialized all of these in life-size bronze sculptures. Then I hand paint the original colors, flowers, patterns and designs onto the bronze bags and suitcases. The monuments to travel and human movement reflect a flow of time, also a flow of social change, a flow of people’s tastes….To date, I have made 30 bronze suitcase sculptures, and my plan is to make 200 with each a unique piece. When they are put together, one finds the traces of history.



Red Plastic Bag, 43x30x56cm, bronze, 2008




Big Brown Suitcase, 75x41x26cm, , bronze, 2008




Light Blue Stroller, 44x25x83cm, bronze, 2008




Dark Red Bundle Bag, 76x45x36cm ,bronze, 2008




Black and Blue Stroller, 34x28x73cm, bronze, 2008




Denim suitcase, 53x38x75cm, bronze, 2008




Black Computer Bag, 50x38x39cm, bronze, 2008




Big Black Suitcase, 88x57x27cm, bronze, 2008




Black Rimova Suitcase, 43x24x95cm, 2008




Big Black Photography Suitcase, 48x35x90cm, 2008




Camouflage suitcase, 56x55x75cm, bronze, 2008




Black Shanghai-style Handbag, 55x23x40cm, bronze, 2008




Micki’s Schoolbag, 36x35x36cm, bronze, 2008




Black Modern Handbag, 50x24x48cm, bronze, 2008



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