Dormitory, 170x400cm, 2005

Like “Dream of Migrants”, (and also in another work “Dormitory”) (2005), I like to depict the pursuit of personal dreams and work opportunities in this big capital city of Beijing. In the Beijing Film Studios, we constructed inside the studio a “Dream of Migrants” structure, the height of a three-storey building. At first glance, this structure is like Chinese-style architecture. But upon a closer look, one finds it combines the former Soviet Union architecture as well as European architecture in addition to the Chinese traditional civil house making. We can see the past brilliance and the potential danger of this hybrid architecture. I also depict a dirty moist land in front of the building to make hints at the hardships of living in cities and fulfilling dreams. I tone down the colors to create a very disappointing scenario. The general feeling of this work will aim to reflect the inherent conflict the floating population experiences when their dreams are in conflict with reality. I insert various details so the viewers can discover from this photograph the array of unsettled and conflicting feelings of the migrant populations.

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